Consistency in today’s labor market is a challenge. Whether you’re relying on hourly temp labor or employees, productivity is greatly affected by attendance, work, ethic, and culture, to name a few … and at what cost?

The SOLUTION: A scalable, flexible, and dedicated team that communicates effectively, understands the unique elements of your processes, and executes them with a sense of urgency.

Managing inbound and outbound processes can become a significant challenge, especially when faced with an unpredictable labor force. The costs of demurrage and detention can escalate rapidly if import containers surpass your ability to handle them within their designated timeframe. Furthermore, delays on the outbound side can lead to missed shipments and export cut times which can be very costly and have adverse effects on your customers. When you factor in peak seasons, these challenges can snowball quickly.


Freight Breakers’ Inbound Services solution relieves the burden on your management team, allowing them to concentrate on customer-focused downstream processes. Our scalable model enables us to adjust labor resources to meet peak demands while maintaining a reliable core group of experienced associates during slower periods.

  • Manual handling of floor-stack cartons, tires, food product, and other commodities
  • Handling palletized, slip-sheet, or clamp loads by skilled equipment operators
  • Sorting and segregating products based on SKU, lot number, destination, or any combination
  • Breaking down mixed product pallets and organizing them onto separate pallets
  • Correctly stacking products on pallets using the appropriate Ti-Hi method
  • Cross-docking services for unloading and loading full pallets
  • Transloading services for sorting inbound floor-loaded or palletized cartons and loading them to the correct outbound destinations
  • Product inspection for damage, accuracy, quality, lot code, etc
  • Carton labeling and/or application of pallet License Plate Numbers (LPN).
  • Final put-away of products


Our outbound services solutions can help free up floor space and keep your dock flowing. Our model improves workforce utilization by cross-training our associates to handle multiple processes from inbound to outbound so we can provide flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs, especially during those peak seasons.

  • Loading pallets, slip-sheeted product, carton clamp, or floor stacked product
  • Applying the correct dunnage to secure domestic and export loads
  • Case or full pallet picking
  • Packaging product for shipping, including labeling
  • Staging product for shipping
  • Kitting parts for assembly or customer delivery

Other Services

Other service opportunities can be used to supplement current resources or shift responsibility to Freight Breakers to manage these processes. These services can be provided on an hourly or cost per unit basis, depending on what makes the most sense.

  • Running freight from P&D locations to outbound doors
  • Sanitation services
  • Sort, grade, and repair pallets for reuse
  • Complete yard management and trailer spotting
  • Special projects including product rework, repackaging, product display assembly, and stocking