Managed Solutions. Dedicated Partners.

Freight Breakers

Managed Solutions. Dedicated Partners.

Freight Breakers specializes in providing Dock Unloading and Loading Services for clients, our expertise includes all aspects of distribution warehouse management and all attendant services.

Time Tested

For over 20 years, Freight Breakers has provided managed, end-to-end production-based services in warehouse and distribution operations.

Highly Experienced

From unloading and processing inbound floor loaded, slip sheeted or palletized freight, to product put-away, picking, loading, and all other essential tasks in between, we can meet your daily requirements with a dedicated, scalable team that understands your business and expectations.


While our core business began with unloading floor-stacked import containers, our customers increasingly depend on us for other downstream tasks where our cost per unit solutions make sense by improving productivity and cost savings.